Our Environmental Performance

We have monitored and measured our environmental performance across every category within our Healthy Planet 2010 goals.

Goal: 100 percent of manufacturing and research and development facilities will provide facility- or company-specific environmental sustainability information to the public.
Actual: 98 percent of facilities submitted information by year-end 2010 for posting on jnj.com

Energy Use – Carbon Dioxide Reduction
Goal: Absolute reduction in CO2 emissions of seven percent from 1990–2010.
Actual: Achieved over 23 percent absolute reduction realized from 1990-2010.

Goal: Reduce fleet total CO2 emissions per mile driven by 30 percent
Actual: This goal will not be achieved by year end 2010. We have not been able to transition to more fuel-efficient vehicles at the rate we had originally projected

Water Use
Goal: Absolute reduction of  10 percent compared to 2005 baseline.
Actual: 9.5 percent decrease realized from 2005-2010.

Paper and Packaging
Goal: Eliminate PVC in primary, secondary and tertiary packaging in the Consumer segment by year-end 2007. Eliminate PVC in secondary and tertiary packaging in the Medical Devices & Diagnostics (MD&D) and Pharmaceutical segments by year-end 2007.
Actual:.We have eliminated 88 percent of our secondary and tertiary PVC packaging across the company.

Goal: To have 90 percent of office paper and 75 percent of paper-based packaging containing more than 30 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content or containing fiber from certified forests by 2010.
Actual: Achieved 97 percent of packaging and 92 percent of office paper contain more than 30 percent PCR or fiber from certified forests.

Waste Reduction
Goal: Absolute reduction of hazardous and non-hazardous waste of 10 percent from 2005–2010.
Actual: Achieved 25 percent decrease in hazardous waste and 12 percent reduction in nonhazardous waste realized from 2005-2010.

Product Stewardship
Goal: All operating companies to have a plan to improve their product and process environmental profiles and eliminate high-priority materials.
Actual: Achieved 100 percent of operating companies have a plan.

Goal: Implement an electronics take-back program in all regions to ensure that 100 percent of waste electronic-based products are offered to be taken back for remanufacturing/reuse.
Actual: 61 percent of our businesses (calculated on a regional basis) have implemented take-back programs.

Environmental Literacy
Goal: Increase employee awareness and understanding of global environmental issues. 100 percent of facilities have a five-year literacy plan and implement one environmental education campaign each year from 2006–2010.
Actual: Achieved 100 percent of facilities have a 5 year literacy plan. 100 percent facilities deployed a literacy campaign in 2010.

Goal: Enhance biodiversity conservation in areas over which we have control or influence. 100 percent of our facilities or companies have a biodiversity conservation plan.
Actual: Achieved a biodiversity conservation plan has been in place at 100 percent of our facilities or companies since 2008.

Goal: Zero accidental releases; zero government-issued violations.
Actual: We did not achieve our goal of zero accidental environmental releases.

External Manufacturing
Goal: 100 percent of external manufacturers in conformance with Johnson & Johnson Standards for Responsible External Manufacturing by 2010.
Actual: Since establishing our standards in 2006, 98 percent of our external manufacturers have been assessed against and are in conformance with our standards.