Awards & Recognition

  • In 1989, the Company was recognized as Outstanding Quality Company of the Philippines jointly by the Philippine Productivity Movement and the Philippine Society for Quality Control. Later, Johnson & Johnson Chairman Ralph S. Larsen would cite the Philippine affiliate as “ahead of the pack among the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies” in quality improvement.
  • In 1991, Johnson & Johnson Worldwide conferred on the Philippine Company the Johnson & Johnson Presidential Award for Safety in recognition of ten million man-hours – approximately seven years of continuous operations – without a single workday lost to accidents.
  • That same year, the Company was also presented by Johnson & Johnson Worldwide with Johnson & Johnson Worldwide Child Survival Program Award for its management of the P10 million Johnson & Johnson grant to the United Nation’s Children Fund, or UNICEF, for the Department of Health’s Child Survival and Maternal Care Program.
  • Johnson & Johnson Philippines was awarded the 1992 Asian Management Award for Outstanding Achievement in Operations Management conferred by the Asian Institute of Management.
  • In 1992, Johnson & Johnson Philippines was one of the eight affiliates to qualify for THE SIGNATURE OF QUALITY® Award at the Commitment level. • In 1993, Johnson & Johnson Philippines merited for the second year in a row, The SIGNATURE OF QUALITY® Award, Commitment level. Following on its heels, Johnson & Johnson honored its Philippine affiliate with the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award for “outstanding growth and excellence in all aspects of the business” in light of its notable achievements in the areas of profitability, market share, productivity, and quality management.
  •  In 1994, the Company was awarded as the Outstanding Employer of the Year from the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP). In presenting the award, the association commended the Company’s exemplary leadership and outstanding programs “in the areas of labor relations, compensation, training and organizational development which flourished under a participative work culture fostered by an open management style.”
  • In 1995, Johnson & Johnson Philippines had been recommended for THE SIGNATURE OF QUALITY® Silver Award – only the second affiliate at the time to receive the honor.